Does tile keep a room colder?

Tile flooring is highly versatile, offering characteristics and benefits that could make them a perfect addition to your home. If you’re wondering if floor tile keeps a room colder, you’ll want to read along with today’s post as we answer that question and more.

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Tile can indeed keep a room colder in the summer, which ultimately saves you money on your utility bills as well as keeping you comfortable and cool. As an all-natural material, it does what it was created to do, retaining the environment's temperature around it.

Some would say it isn't the tile that’s colder, but rather that it feels cooler beneath your feet. However, when our feet are cooler, our entire body follows an all-over cool that comforts us during the hot summer months.

In the same way, tile can also keep your house warmer, especially when installed over radiant heating. The distribution of warmth is easy, as the materials conduct heat well, and a few area rugs add just a bit of softness you need for excellent comfort.

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