Tile has a lot to offer homeowners. From outstanding durability, beautiful colors, and an extended lifespan, tile can give you an excellent look for your home. If you are looking for a floor with a lot of versatility, tile is your best choice.

What you can expect

Ceramic and porcelain are very similar in appearance and nature, but there are some differences. Unfortunately, the similarities are so close that many homeowners think that they are buying the same product. You must speak to one of our staff about these differences and see the items for yourself. Then you can make an informed decision.


Porcelain is made from Kaolin clay and is fired in a hot kiln to produce the density and hardness you expect from porcelain. This clay creates a through-body color that hides any cracks or chips in the clay. The durable clay is hardy and rarely cracks in the first place. The porcelain receives a clear glaze that allows the natural beauty and patterns to be seen.


Ceramic is from the same type of clay, but it has additional ingredients, like feldspar and sand. It, too, is put through a hot kiln and produces a durable material, but not as hard as porcelain. It also doesn’t have the through-body color either. These pieces are covered in a glass glaze that can help you create any color or style you desire. You can still mix and match the tile to fit your décor as needed.

Additional benefits

An additional benefit that goes with tile is that it can last for 50 years or more. It is an excellent surface to have on a hot day. It is also straightforward to clean and maintain. Come to our showroom in Spring Grove, IL, and speak to our staff if you want more information about tiles or see them in person

We can help

You have questions, and we are a tile shop that has the answers to those questions. Our service areas are Antioch, Fox Lake, Johnsburg, Lake Geneva, McHenry, Richmond, Twin Lakes, and Barrington. We know floor tile. And we know how important it is that you get the right floor for your home. So visit our tile store and ask our staff about the benefits of tile and see our selection for yourself. Then, we can help you find the right tile for your home.